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Criollo ClasicoCriollo Clasico (1990)

In the 70s, we, the Puerto Rican musicians, received that national legacy that was the Puerto Rican Cuatro from the hands of Maestro Ladi and Don Paquito Lopez Cruz.  A living and vibrant symbol of our culture, we now send it off toward the future.  With new ideas and goals, we hope that "Criollo Clasico" contributes to that legacy in a way that our Puerto Rican cuatro enters the 21st century being heard loudly, proudly, and truimphant.

              Clasico 2: Sueño En El YunqueCriollo Clasico 2 (1990)

Criollo Clasico II newly presents the Puerto Rican Cuatro in an universal and modern context.  The pieces chosen offer a refreshing alternative where the creole elements are fused with the worldwide influences of classical, blues, pop, jazz, rock, brazilian and "new age" music.  The recording is dedicated to our future cuatristas and the people of Puerto Rico, who, with their support and appreciation, made the first Criollo Clasico a success and made the second one possible.

              Clasico 3: Fantasia CaribeñaCriollo Clasico 3 (1993)

Highlighting Puerto Rico's national instrument, "the cuatro", Criollo clasico III presents a collection of sound paintings inspired by places, events and musical styles from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. In "Fantasia Caribena" we hear the rhythmical and cultural encounter between the Spanish (guitar), the Puertorican (cuatro) and the African-Taino Indian percussion. In "Amanecer Orocoveno" the exotic magic of Puerto Rico's national instrument (cuatro) brings to life a serene beautiful sunrise in the mountain town of Orocovis. "Carnaval" is inspired by the festivity and energy of the Fiestas de Cruz and the Carnaval de San Juan. "El Morro" evokes the majestic and silent mystery of the famous Spanish castle by the sea in Old San Juan. "Paseo Antillano", "Rumbon", "Seis por Ocho" and "Sabor Tropical" are musical tours throughout the rich and diverse rhythms of the Caribbean islands.

Banda Criolla: Fiesta En San JuanBanda Criolla: Fiesta En San Juan (1994)

San Juan is an enchanting city of contrasts between the old world and the new world, between North America and South America, and between the restless energy of city life and the passive tranquillity of Puerto Rico's beautiful mountain countryside. San Juan reflects this vibrant, rich and changing cultural heritage in its unique and colourful musical landscape. This tapestry of musical diversity is the main inspiration behind the concept that led to the composing, arraging and recording of "Fiesta en San Juan". It is a collection of 16 years of musical experiences in San Juan. The passionate Spanish guitars in "Puerto Rican Gypsy", "El Guayabal" and "Fiesta en San Juan". The modern day salsa flavour of "Nuestros Campos" and "Mi Musica". The strong "Jibaro" (mountain) legacy of the Cuatro (our national instrument) in the humourous love poem "Una vez yo te quisi" by Don Juan Antonio Corretjer. The African influence of percussion and voices from the coastal town of Loiza in "Bomba te traigo yo" and the clash between blues guitar and Latin percussion in "Coconut Blues". Even the intimate chords of the lonely classical guitarist in "Vals Romantico". All provide fo a glimpse and quick taste of the truly amazing kaleidoscope of sounds and rhythms in modern day San Juan. Welcome to our "Fiesta en San Juan".

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                Criolla: CelebracionBanda Criolla: Celebracion (1998)

"El Caribe" is a town of its own. A magnificent collage of nature, people, colors and sounds bustling in the daily celebration of life on tropical islands. "Celebracion" is Banda Criolla's musical tribute to the festive sounds of Puerto Rico, Cuba and Santo Domingo. The rhythms of salsa, plene, merengue, rumba, seis and son are blended with "world" influences of Brazilian, flamenco, jazz and rock beats to create this original collection of modern island songs and sound paintings. I am truly happy to share the joy of this music through this new collection of songs...

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Best of Criollo
Best of Criollo Clasico (2000)

In the late 1970's there began a musical renaissance in Puerto Rico that inspired many young musicians to rediscover their cultural roots. Adding to this native element came the inevitable allure of other sounds such as classical music, blues, pop, jazz, rock, Brazilian, folk and world music. As we step into a new century the "Concierto a Puerto Rico" is once again heralding a bright future for Puerto Rico's national instrument, "The Cuatro".

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Banda Criolla:
            Bomba Le Le!Banda Criolla: Bomba Le Le! (2003)

A new generation of Puerto Rican musicians is leading traditional rhythms into fresh musical territory.  New bands, such as Banda Criolla, are experimenting with diverse world influences without leaving their authentic Puerto Rican roots behind.  The world rhythms of Bomba, Jibaro, Salsa, Son, Flamenco, Samba, Bachata, Bolero, Jazz, and even Rock were all inspirational in creating these modern Latin songs.

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Jose Gonzalez
            & Banda Criolla: Feliz Navidad Boricua!Jose Gonzalez & Banda Criolla: Feliz Navidad Boricua! (2004)

"Las Parrandas!" - Since my days as a young boy, I remember the joy and warmth of "Las Parrandas" in my Puerto Rico.  A unique tradition of our music and culture.  A celebration of island love without comparison.  My absence of 17 years from the Christmas-time festivities in my homeland motivated my writing these songs.  I hope that the "Boricuas" enjoy them from the heart, in the same way I wrote them and sang them in this CD.  Felicidades!

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              Clasico 4: Festival!Criollo Clasico 4: Festival! (2005)

Four time Putumayo World Music artist Jose Gonzalez brings Puerto Rico's national instrument, The Cuatro, along to this exciting "Festival" of new instrumental music and fresh arrangements of popular music hits by Selena, The Beatles, Allman Brothers, Al Di Meola and (yes!) even JS Bach.  Plus five new beautiful compositions by outstanding Puerto Rican guitarist/composer Rafael Picorelli.

                Gonzalez & Banda Criolla: Caribbean Fiesta For
                Kids! Jose Gonzalez & Banda Criolla: Caribbean Fiesta For Kids (2007)

"A festive musical journey, crossing language and cultural barriers into the joyful songs and playground games of children from Latin cultures."

A few years ago, Putumayo World Music selected our songs for their children's music series "Latin Playground" and "Caribbean Playground".  Today, we are happy to present this new bilingual collection of children's songs from Puerto Rico.  The timeless classics "El Coqui", "Que Bonita Bandera", "Chequi Morena", and "Los Pollitos Dicen" are also included here too...Fiesta!  A cantar y a jugar todos! - Jose Gonzalez / Banda Criolla.

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                Clasico 5: La Magia Del Cuatro ClasicoCriollo Clasico V -  "La Magia Del Cuatro Clasico" (NEW and IN STOCK!)

Puerto Rico's national instrument, "El Cuatro", shines on this new, one of a kind recording, bringing to life the timeless music of the great classical composers. Jose Gonzalez, one of Puerto Rico's most outstanding "Cuatro" players, highlights a new world of possibilities for this popular Latin/Caribbean musical instrument.  The wonderful melodies of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Handel, Ravel, Granados, Vivaldi and Faure and the beautiful sounds of "El Cuatro Puertorriqueno" are a mesmerizing combination! – available in October 2007!

El Cuatro Puertorriqueno interpreta de manera magistral las hermosas obras de los grandes compositores clasicos!
El  Cuatro Puertorriqueno se viste de gala presentando un hermoso repertorio clasico digno de cualquier sala de conciertos! 

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"Puerto Rican Christmas" -
                    "Navidad Puertorriquena"The New Latin Christmas CD "Navidad Puertorriquena" (2008) by Jose Gonzalez and Banda Criolla.  If you ever enjoyed the energy and excitement of the “Holiday Parrandas” in Puerto Rico don’t miss this year’s hot Latin Christmas CD “Navidad Puertorriquena”.  This high energy CD features the traditional festive island dance rhythms of the ever popular sing along “Parrandas” of Puerto Rico.

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Jose Gonzalez - Banda Criolla - Best
                Kids SongsFirst time ever!-- A Bilingual Fiesta of the very Best Childrens Songs performed with new Spanish / English lyrics by Putumayo World Music artists Jose Gonzalez and Banda Criolla from Puerto Rico.

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                Gonzalez & Isla - Flute SoulAn outstanding debut CD by new Flute sensation Ahmed Gonzalez and his ensemble "Isla".  Includes Latin, Jazz, Classical, Folk, and Rock selections performed with equal mastery and versatility.

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Jose Gonzalez
              & Criollo Clasico 6 - Classic Rock NEW!  Jose Gonzalez & Criollo Clasico VI - Classic Rock.  

Eric Clapton swings in Bachata!  The Beatles in romantic Boleros!  Spanish Guitars, Bongos, Cuatro, Cajon and Flute magically turn Classic Rock standards into passionate and sizzling boleros, bossas, and bachatas!  Rocks greatest hits - Latin Style!

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                Gonzalez and Criollo Clasico VI - Classic Rock Now! Buy at CDBaby.com now! - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jgcc2

Other albums that include the participation of Jose Gonzalez

Distancias Clasico

(with Roy Brown) Digitally Remastered new CD of a historic recording available now for the first time in 23 years!  Roy Brown, Jose Gonzalez, Miguel Cubano.

In 1976, Roy Brown, Miguel Cubano and Jose Gonzalez formed a trio which created and recorded a unique collection of songs celebrating the poetry of Don Juan Antonio Corretjer (national poet of Puerto Rico).  That album entitled Distancias became one of the most influential recordings in the modern Puerto Rican New Song movement (Nueva Trova).  To order a copy, please contact Jose Gonzalez and Criollo Clasico at our email address or mail address.

  • 1.  Profecia de Urayoan (1975)
  • 2.  Distancias (with Roy Brown) (1976)
  • 3.  Rafagas (Nueva Trova), 1976
  • 4.  Controversias (with Danny Rivera), 1985
  • 5.  Mi Cancion Es Paz (with Danny Rivera), 1987
  • 6.  Ofrenda (with Danny Rivera), 1986
7.  Duo Cubano - Gonzalez, 1981
8.  Aura (Spanish Rock), 1981
9.  World Instrumental Collection (Putumayo Compilation), 1996
10.  Islands! (Putumayo Compilation), 1997
11.  Voice of the World (Bose Corp/World Music), 2000
12.  Visions of Puerto Rico DVD (PBS-release, 2006)
13.  Lo Que Le Paso A Santiago (1989) (movie appearance)

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