Music Lessons

Criollo Clasico Educator Artists
  Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez – guitars (classical, electric, Latin American), Puerto Rican Cuatro
Ahmed Gonzalez – flute, Latin Percussion - (congas, guiro, campana, etc..)
Rene Gonzalez – electric bass, drumset, congas, timbales , bongos, Peruvian cajon
The band members of Criollo Clasico and Banda Criolla are committed to excellence in music education. (Two of the artists are certified music educators in the state of Massachusetts). Criollo Clasico members have had continuous requests for private music lessons for years and now, beginning in the fall of 2008, we will accept for the first time a limited number of students wishing to take instrumental music lessons with these artists. Criollo Clasico has a busy concert agenda but we will try to accommodate those wishing to benefit from our artistic experiences. All levels are welcome.

How long is lesson?
Lessons are ½ hour long sessions and students must bring their own instruments.
Where do the lessons take place?
In Amherst, Massachusetts. (we will provide directions directly to our accepted students). Private lessons at homes may be available only by agreement directly with the teacher at a higher rate.
How much are lessons?
Each lesson is $30.00 per ½ hour.  (You can find lower cost lesson options elsewhere. Only students interested in studying with these particular experienced concert artists should inquire about these lessons.)
What if I do not know how to read music or I am a beginner?
No problem, lessons are adapted to your entry level – from beginner to advanced.
  Rene Gonzalez
What happens if a lesson is canceled?
Due to our very busy performance schedule we can NOT reschedule lessons that are missed/canceled by students. We can ONLY reschedule any lesson postponed due to our concert schedule commitments.
When do I pay?
Payment is due at the start of each month. You pay for 4 weekly lessons in advance.  Alternatively, we conduct single master-classes at a variable cost (depending on the requirements of the particular class).
How many students can you accept?
Each individual artist establishes the limit number of students they can teach. Some artist may have more time/space available at different times of the year.  We are not looking to recruit large groups of students, we are only accommodating those students who have seen us in our live concerts, or heard our recordings and have a serious interest in obtaining private lessons with Criollo Clasico musicians.
Is ½ hour enough time for a lesson?
Our experience shows that a well prepared student can benefit greatly from a ½ hour lesson. Most lessons at University and Conservatory level, as well as private instruction, are organized as 1/2 hour sessions. You are not at lesson to practice – you are there to have the artist monitor your progress and present new ideas/material for you to take home and work.
Ahmed Gonzalez
Instrumental Lessons

1-     Guitar (classical, rock, Latin, Pop, Brazilian etc)
2-     Bass (Latin, funk, jazz)
3-     Flute (Latin, classical, jazz)
4-     Percussion (Congas, bongos, cajon, timbales)
5-     Drumset (Jazz, rock, Latin)
6-     "Cuatro" (Puerto Rico's National Instrument)
7-     Songwriting workshop (Spanish and English)
Criollo Clasico artists have extensive years of international music performance experience as well as formal studies at Music Dept. University of Puerto Rico, Music Dept. University of Massachusetts/Amherst and Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. Also Master classes with top music performers Leo Brower. Manuel Barruecos, Giovanni Hidalgo, Tito De Gracia, Trilok Gurtu etc.  (See Bio's page for individual artist resumes).
Please-mail us at for information regarding space availability.

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